In all communities food and food security are paramount in any livelihood. In agricultural crop based livelihoods, use of external inputs other than climatic requirements have been limiting in crop yields. External inputs like improved crop variety seeds, fertilizers and other agrochemical use have proved to be a challenge to subsistence and semi-commercial small scale farmers. Climate change, with condensed growing seasons, erratic rains resulting if floods or dry spells is another key challenge to this farmers with limited knowledge and skills on how to mitigate the prevailing situation.
Thus conservation agriculture comes in handy as one of the key strategies in Low External Input Use. In Kenya Maize Lethal Necrotic Disease is becoming a challenge in Key maize growing regions. Thus there is need for increased Rice production as the next best alternative. Other than extending rice production to high altitude areas, increased productivity in the lowland rice production regions. Integration of conservation agriculture is key to enhance rice yields. Ibrahim K. Buge (