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Networking and capacity building of stakeholders in implementation of COMESA-EAC-SADC tripartite climate change programme in Eastern and Southern Africa    

The capacity building and networking component within the COMESA-EAC-SADC tripartite programme has the core intention of contributing more internalisation, institutionalisation and up-scaling of the Conservation Agriculture for Climate Change (CA4CC) experiences as a theme that contributes to improved food security, resilience in food production and mitigation to climate change. High priority will be given to the impact of CA adoption on social, economic and environmental dimensions of farmers’ livelihoods.

At regional level and especially within ACT mandate, this activity will be fulfilled through the process of strengthening network links among regional implementing partners, communications and exchange of information on CA practices. ACT will be charged with mandate to conduct all activities related to networking and capacity building on CA4CC initiatives across the COMESA-EAC-SADC member states.

Geographic areas of focus: Eastern and Southern Africa


1. To contribute to the adoption of the African climate solution through knowledge management and awareness creation

2. Strengthen adult learning and CA4CC skills of Master Trainers, Trainer of Trainers and Lead farmers through national learning courses

3. To develop support mechanisms (technical, quality assurance and incentives) with and backstop national institutions to create conducive environment and support trained Master Trainers, TOTs, and Lead Farmers to effectively support farmers for implementation of field level activities.

4. To engage the talents of African research and academia to network, contribute and learn from CA4CC through a network/community of practice (CoP) workshop.

5. Facilitate networking and promote cooperation between diverse groups of Eastern and Southern Africa CA Equipment and inputs supply stakeholders, including governments, developers, equipment manufacturers and service providers


1. CA4CC awareness creation events including study visits, seminars and survey of key stakeholders undertaken

2. Skillsof240 Master Trainers to practice and train others to practice and benefit from CA4CC in targeted COMESA-EAC-SADC countries built by December 2012.

3. Mechanisms developed between ACT and national institutions on support provision to Master Trainers, TOTs, Lead farmers and farmers in adapting and adopting CA and ACT’s provision of quality assurance.

4. Master Trainers, 4,800 TOTs, and 96,000 Lead Farmers are accessing technical CA and incentives to train and effect adoption of farmers at field level by Dec 2012.

5. Research and academia network/CoP for CA4CC strengthened and facilitating peer learning, experiences sharing and contributing to the agenda by Dec 2012.

6. Confirmed arrangements in place for the May 2013 Eastern and Southern Africa CA Equipment and inputs manufacturers and suppliers that will facilitate networking and service provision to farmers

Target groups: The target group for the capacity building and networking activities are technicians, policy makers, high learning institutions and private sector players. The final beneficiaries are rural poor women and men farmers.