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Up scaling conservation agriculture for increased resilience to climate change and improved food security in Eastern and Southern Africa    

Geographic areas of focus: Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Zimbabwe

Project goal: Strengthen resilience to climate change thus contributing to increased food security among rural communities and smallholder farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa

Overall objective: To strengthen knowledge support systems to support policy formulation, decision making and learning to stimulate increased and sustained adoption of CA in addressing the effects of climate change impacts.

Main Activities: strengthening functioning of CA for climate change knowledge support networks at national and regional levels; adaptation and increased exposure of smallholder men and women farmers to CA for climate change technologies and practices; empowerment of smallholder agriculture producers and practitioners to effectively participate in national and regional policy processes related to CA-climate change.

Target group: Local extension institutions promoting CA in targeted countries, organised farmers groups (learning centres, farmer field schools) and local NGO’s implementing CA in the target regions; private sector CA service providers; policy makers and implementers at National and Regional level. Beneficiaries: Smallholder men and women farmers in the targeted countries and in districts of comparable agroecology, demography and market access.

Expected outcomes: Enhanced availability and accessibility of CA and climate change knowledge to smallholder farmers and policy makers; Effective engagement of producer organizations on policy processes at all levels; Increased adoption of CA by women and men farmers; Increased resilience of climate change impacts to targeted smallholder farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa.