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NCATF Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference - NCATF Chair

The Chair should be someone of sufficient stature to advocate effectively for CA at a high level both within and outside government. This person will lead the group and carry out specific activities as follows;

  • Convene and Chair meetings of the NCATF.
  • Set the Agenda for meetings of the NCATF (in consultation with members)
  • Take a lead on the development of NCATF annual work plans.
  • Work with the NCATF to follow up activities to ensure that they are completed satisfactorily.
  • Compile and deliver reports on NCATF activity as required
  • Work with donors and others to mobilize funds for CA promotion at a national level
  • Represent the country and the NCATF at meetings of the CARWG

Terms of Reference - NCATF Secretariat

The Secretariat role should be performed by an organization that has the administrative capacity to organize meetings and drive progress on activities identified by the NCATF.

Funds both for the organization of the NCATF itself and for distribution to member organizations and others to carry out activities may be passed through the Secretariat. The organisation holding this role should therefore have the systems in place to receive and distribute money in a transparent and accountable manner.

Some specific activities to be carried out by the Secretariat are as follows;

  • Organise meetings of the group at least quarterly and prepare minutes
  • Follow up actions identified in meetings to ensure that they are carried out
  • Receive and manage funds for the promotion of CA
  • Hire appropriate staff as required to carry out the duties of NCATF Secretariat
  • Let and manage contracts with organizations performing work for the NCATF
  • Collate reports on activities
  • Disseminate information on CA related matters to the NCATF and other fora.