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CARWG Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference - CARWG Chair

The Chair should be someone of sufficient stature to advocate effectively for CA at a high level internationally. This person will lead the group and carry out specific activities as follows;

  • Convene and Chair meetings of the CARWG.
  • Set the Agenda for meetings of the CARWG (in consultation with members)
  • Chair and coordinate the activities of the Executive Committee of CARWG
  • Work with the CARWG to identify and implement Regional CA activities including liaison with NCATF Chairs and Theme Leaders to develop annual work plans.
  • Follow up work plans to ensure that they are completed satisfactorily.
  • Work with donors and others to mobilize funds for CA promotion at regional and national levels
  • Represent the CARWG at international meetings.

Terms of Reference - CARWG Secretariat

The Secretariat role should be performed by an organization that has the administrative capacity to organize meetings and drive progress on activities identified by the CARWG.

Funds both for the organization of the CARWG itself and for distribution to NCATFs and other organizations to carry out activities may be passed through the Secretariat. The organisation holding this role should therefore have the systems in place to receive and distribute money in a transparent and accountable manner.

Some specific activities to be carried out by the Secretariat are as follows;

  • Organize meetings of the CARWG at least annually and prepare minutes
  • Follow up actions identified in meetings to ensure that they are carried out
  • Participate in activities of the CARWG Executive Committee
  • Receive and manage funds for the promotion of CA
  • Distribute funds as required to NCATFs
  • Let and manage contracts with organizations performing work for the CARWG
  • Collate reports on activities
  • Disseminate information on CA related matters to CARWG members and others

Terms of Reference - CARWG Executive Committee

The role of the Executive Committee is to deal with matters relating to the overall management of the CARWG. This is needed as due to logistical constraints the full meetings are only held once a year and some activities require more frequent attention. The Membership of the Executive Committee includes the following people;

Chair of CARWG (who also chairs this group)

Secretariat of CARWG

Theme Leaders from each of the Thematic Groups

3 Other Members which should include a NCATF Chair and a representative of any of the major groups (International and Regional Organizations, Research Centres, NGOs) if they are not already represented as Chair, Secretariat or Theme Leaders.

Membership is open to all CARWG members and will be reviewed in the annual meeting with a vote organized in the same way as for the Chair if there are more candidates than positions.

The main roles of the Executive Committee are as follows;

  • Maintain continuity and carry forward actions between annual meetings
  • Mobilization of and manage resources for the operation of CARWG and CA promotion
  • Represent CARWG as necessary at international fora

Terms of Reference - CARWG Theme Leader

The CARWG will identify and periodically review the thematic areas where a lot of the activities in CA promotion can be clustered. Each Thematic Group will identify a Theme Leader. The Theme Leader is to coordinate the activities of the various CARWG members who carry out work in that thematic area. Specific roles are as follows;

  • Take a lead in the development of an annual work plan of work related to their theme
  • Ensure that work in the Thematic Area is moving forward and monitor progress
  • Collate reports on activities in the thematic area for CARWG
  • Represent CARWG at international fora relating to work in their thematic area.
  • Participate in the CARWG Executive Committee

Terms of Reference - Thematic Group

The Thematic Groups bring together all CARWG members who have a role to play or a particular interest in a particular area of CA activities.

Each CARWG member should select the Thematic Group in which they have the strongest interest. At meetings it is likely that there will be break-out sessions for the groups so it would be difficult for members and especially for Theme Leaders to participate in more than one group.

The main roles of the Thematic Groups are as follows;

  • Identify the main needs in terms of activities and budget in relation to their theme for the promotion of CA
  • Develop a realistic thematic work plan for CARWG activities in this area. This should include ongoing work by member organizations as well as any additional activities that are identified.
  • Take a lead in the implementation of the thematic work plan. Other organizations, perhaps not represented in the Thematic Group, should be involved as appropriate.
  • Provide written or verbal reports as required on work against the thematic work plan at CARWG meetings and elsewhere.