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Conservation Agriculture Communities of Practice General Terms And Conditions

The African Conservation Tillage Network approaches promotion of Conservation Agriculture in Africa through Conservation Agriculture Communities of Practice (CA-CoP). The approach creates an opportunity to forge agenda towards having conservation agriculture aspects promoted and supported. The current CA-CoPs are listed below:

  • Research & Academia
  • CA equipment manufacturers, suppliers & service providers
  • Farmers & farmer organizations
  • Women & Youth in Agriculture
  • Policy Support
  • Agribusiness promotion

The purpose: The purpose of CA-CoPs is to provide a forum that enhances dialogue and actions on issues related to promotion of Conservation Agriculture in Africa.

Roles: The roles of the CA-CoPs are:

  • Collect ,synthesize and disseminate information on Conservation agriculture
  • Innovate mechanism to further develop conservation agriculture programmes/initiatives
  • Lobbying and advocacy for promotion of enabling environment through policy change in support of Conservation Agriculture technologies in Africa
  • Provide advice to stakeholders on strategy for promotion of conservation agriculture in Africa
  • Engage in resource mobilization for support of investment plans in areas of Conservation agriculture in Africa

CoP Membership general terms & conditions:

  • Members for CA-CoPs are determined during ACT membership registration.
  • Each applicant to ACT membership chooses to join a particular CoP.
  • CA-CoPs will meet occasionally to share experiences and sound practices emanating from the implementation and policies of Conservation Agriculture.
  • Meetings for the CA-CoPs will be initially organized by the African Conservation Tillage Network secretariat.
  • Members should be committed to support the community of practice existing and emerging initiatives towards furtherance of conservation agriculture agenda in Africa.
  • ACT is committed to supporting the Conservation Agriculture communities of practice.