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Awareness Creation

ACT focuses on development of appropriate strategies and mechanisms for effective and efficient adoption and scaling up of conservation agriculture through knowledge and information sharing

ACT creates awareness of its activities through different avenues among other which includes workshops, study tours, exchange visits, media (press releases and talk shows), field days, agricultural show, Exhibitions and farm demonstrations.

Workshops, field days and agricultural shows/exhibitions are used in creating awareness and strengthening farmers, researchers, extension agents, policy makers and private sector with Conservation Agriculture knowledge and skills.Awareness creation is meant to convey the knowledge and skills that will contribute to alleviating poverty, changing livelihoods, improved environment and having a positive effect on the national economy.

Study tours, exchange visits and farm demonstrations are meant to promote information/technology and experience sharing as well as practical and hands on experiences to the farmers, researchers, extension agents, policy makers and private sector. The media is meant to inform the wider community of the new technologies and experiences as well as exposing them to the success of the technology. For wider spread of technology ACT engages mass media (radios, Televisions and newspapers), use of result and method demonstrations, use of leaf lets, brochures, annual calendars and engagement in stakeholders meetings and forums.