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Vision, Mission & Core Values


To be a premier network of excellence in promoting sustainable natural resource management for improved livelihoods and wealth creation in Africa and beyond

Mission Statement

To enhance agriculturalproductivity, sustainable land management and environmental conservation through promotion of conservation agriculture principles and practices in Africa

Core Values

The decisions and actions in ACT are consistently based on a set of clear principles outlined here as the Network’s core values. These are:

  1. Performance and service orientation:
    ACT believes that the stakes in improving productivity, sustainable land management and environmental conservation are extremely high and will, therefore, remain focused on quality service delivery, innovativeness and adherent to ethics and standards so as to meet and exceed client’s expectation.
  2. Partnership, networking and collaboration:
    ACT will pursue productive and beneficial partnerships and strategic alliances with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, governance and supportive mechanisms so as to ensure effective collaboration and synergies that have a direct bearing to the Network’s mission.
  3. Knowledge and information management:
    ACT is committed to nurturing a strong culture in the generation, sharing and application of conservation agriculture knowledge and information for promoting improved productivity, sustainable natural resource management, environmental conservation and adaptation and mitigation to climate change challenges in Africa and beyond.
  4. Regionality and environmental concern:
    ACT is an African regional network committed to the achievement of economies of scale and scope while ensuring optimal availability of conservation agriculture technologies, products and services while maintaining the quality of environment and responding to the challenges of climate change.
  5. Integrity, transparency and accountability:
    ACT upholds virtues of integrity through honesty, fairness and professionalism in all its operations while remaining committed to effective and efficient utilization of all resources entrusted to it in the most transparent, accountable and cost-effective manner.