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Conservation Agriculture With Trees: Scaling-Up the Science And Practice Of Conservation Agriculture In Sub-Saharan Africa    

Geographic areas of focus: Zambia in Southern Africa, Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa and Ghana in West Africa.

Objectives of the project: The overall goal of the CAWT initiative is to promote a continental wide adoption of conservation agriculture and agro forestry to sustain the productive potential of the natural resource base, improve incomes, foods security and livelihoods of smallholder farmers in sub Saharan Africa. The specific objectives of the programme proposed in this document are to deepen the knowledge base and the planning infrastructure to create this Africa-wide initiative.


1. The extent of adoption of conservation agriculture by smallholder farmers identified and documented, and the institutional and organizational infrastructure to support up scaling mapped and analyzed

2. Policy and institutional factors promoting or hindering large scale adoption of conservation agriculture identified, quantified and documented.

3. A regional facilitation mechanism for scaling up agroforestry based conservation agriculture developed.

Main activities:

Output 1

  • Identify country focal institutions, key CA players and implementation modalities
  • Collect baseline information on agroforestry based CA initiatives already undertaken in each target country.
  • Identify appropriate recommendation domains for individual CA technology elements and their combinations
  • Identify the potential and the extent to which trees have been used in complementing other conservation agriculture practices

Output 2

  • Review existing institutional / policy factors and how they impede or facilitate scaling up of conservation agriculture.
  • Identify major institutional / policy factors for promoting up-scaling of agroforestry based conservation agriculture
  • Identify major existing national / regional agricultural development initiatives that could integrate an agroforestry based CA focused intervention

Output 3

  • Identify regional champions and potential partners and stakeholders for spearheading the campaign for evergreen agriculture
  • Conduct a regional stakeholders workshop to develop the mechanism for facilitating the scaling up agroforestry based conservation agriculture
  • Document the mechanism for facilitating the scaling up of conservation agriculture
  • Facilitate development of national proposals on scaling up tree based conservation agriculture

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