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ACT procures a wide range of goods, works and services. The network values suppliers that provide quality products and services ensure their timely delivery and propose favourable post-delivery payment terms.

ACT provides information on opportunities for vendors and service providers to tender for provision of various goods or services in line with ACT general principles of procurement. All tenders received are registered and analyzed based on the details on the bid and ACT procurement policies. Tender statuses are always available on the site.


A competitive process provides ACT with the best opportunity to procure the goods or services with value for money.

Best Value for Money

All procurements are conducted on a value for money basis. Obtaining "best value for money" means selection of the offer that presents the optimum combination of life-cycle costs, quality and benefits.

Fair, open and transparent

ACT engages all suppliers in a fair manner through a well managed procurement system, not favouring or putting any potential supplier to a disadvantage. Sound procurement principles (i.e., openness of the process; probity; complete and accurate records; accountability; confidentiality) established have ensured successful conformity to rules and procedures.

Current Opportunities

Opportunities Open Date Close Date


ACT BID- TN-ACT2016-01201
Supply and Installation of Water tanks and Roof Water Harvesting Works

The African Conservation Tillage Network (ACT) is a Pan-African not-for-profit organization that has evolved into an open platform for stimulating and facilitating the sharing of information and knowledge on experiences and lessons on the promotion of Conservation Agriculture (CA). ACT brings together stakeholders in the public, private and civil sectors dedicated to improving agricultural productivity and resilience through the sustainable utilization of production inputs and of natural resources of land, water and biodiversity in Africa’s farming systems. The thrust of ACT is to add value to local, national and international efforts to introduce and scale CA. It does this through strategic partnerships in the identification, adaptation, adoption and scaling of CA practices.

ACT’s mandate is driven by the conviction that widespread adoption of conservation agriculture will contribute significantly to the attainment of both agricultural and environmental objectives-empowering farmers and rural communities to manage their resources, sustaining the resilience at the same time achieving viable production systems. In this way, ACT aims to contribute to placing at the disposal development partners and governments farming practices that will not only bring agriculture back in the driving seat for economic and rural development, but also address the immediate concerns of food insecurity and poverty. More information of ACT can be found on the internet site: http://www.act-africa.org


Finance Innovation for Climate Change Fund (FICCF), runs a climate change programme for DFID (UKaid) in Kenya. FICCF has recently embarked on a Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) initiative in Kenya’s non-ASAL areas through private sector-led intermediaries. The Programme aims to support the scaling up and scaling out of innovative private sector investments in agricultural adaptation and low carbon, climate resilient services and assets in the agriculturally high production zones of Kenya. The production systems and value chains selected by the FICCF intermediary partners include sorghum/ legume intercrop, cassava/ legume intercrop, smallholder dairy and indigenous (backyard) chicken.


The agribusiness finance component of FICCF provides repayable grants to selected agribusiness partnerships led by micro-finance institutions, including INUKA, for on- lending to small-scale farmers and private sector actors along the value chain for the selected commodities. ACT works with INUKA Africa to provide the technical support component that provides agro-weather advisories and complementary technical CSA services to address climate risks of the agribusiness interventions. These interventions aim to increase adaptive capacity and resilience especially for crop-based interventions, and to some extent for dairy forage production and livestock disease control.

ACT Herewith invites you to submit a Bid for Conservation Agriculture (CA) as follows:

The purpose of the contract is to facilitate the Supply and Installation of 3 (three) Water tanks of 10,000 (ten thousand) litres capacity of the best quality available plastic tanks (Ken Tank or other better quality), construction of the raised platform to hold the tank and fitting the Roof water harvesting facilities to harvest rain water from the adjacent roofs of houses around the tank. The performance of the works will be expected to be completed in the shortest time possible possibly within1 week after the award of the contract.

The terms of reference are as follows:
Sites are in Ngorika location at Wanjura Kanjuiri and Nyaituga villages
1. Supply and Installation of Water Tanks

  • Supply three (units) water tanks of 10,000 litres each (KENTANK or other better quality tank), one at each designated farmer’s site above
  • Make the necessary outlets (1’’ tap) on the tank for drawing the water and overflow
  • Construct a permanent raised platform for the tank to allow for roof water harvesting and drawing of the water from the tank
  • Tank outlet to face the direction of the demonstration site
  • Train the farmer on the use and maintenance of the facility
    2. Roof water harvesting
     Undertake assessment of the roof water harvesting catchment within the homestead
     Determine the required materials and aluminium fittings to harvest the roof water
     Discuss with farmer and determine the location of the tank in relation to the demonstration site in the farm
     Install the roof water harvesting system in all the adjacent houses and drain water to the installed tank
     Train the farmer on the maintenance of the facility
    NB: The sites may change but shall be within the same or neighbouring village.

    1. Acceptance of ALL ACT Bid Requirements and conditions including Technical Specifications. None compliance to stated requirements may lead to bid disqualification.
    2. Bids must remain valid with firm and fixed prices for 60 days after Tender Closing Date. Please state if ACT is entitled to special discount.
    Your offer price should be inclusive of delivery to ACT Network, Field Project sites in Ngorika location at Wanjura, Kanjuiri and Nyaituga villages.
    3. ACT reserves the right to reject any delivery that does not comply with the technical specifications.
    4. Time of delivery to the destination specified above: Goods are required urgently, therefore quote your best delivery terms in days/weeks after receipt of an eventual Purchase Order.
    5. Late Delivery: In the event of late delivery, penalty will be applied at a rate of 2.5% of the value of the goods per week of delay. The penalty for late delivery applied will not exceed 10% of the total order value.
    6. Please note that the Organization will make payment to a bank account indicated by the selected supplier in its invoice, providing that the bank account is in the name of the supplier and located in the country of residence of the supplier.
    7. Bid results will not be made public; however unsuccessful suppliers will be notified in due course.


1. Three (units) operational water tanks mounted on raised stands install at each of the three (3)project sites.
2. Pegler taps connected to the individual water tanks gutters
3. Roof water harvesting system installed in all the adjacent houses within the site premises and drain water to the installed tank.
4. Hosting farmer(s) trained on the maintenance of the facility

o Experience in supply and installation of water tanks and roof harvesting works
o Excellent masonry and plumbing skills
o Ability to comply and meet tight schedules and deadlines.

The vendor (submit the following:
1) Information sheet, describing the vendor’s registration details, (name and type of organisation, registration date, operational details, address, telephone number, e-mail name of the organisation’s director)
2) Detailed work plan or time table.
3) Confirmations of vendor’s ability to complete the works within the specified time period.

The proposed budget has to be calculated in Kenya Shillings, including all taxes and duties. ACT will conclude a service contract with the winning vendor and will administer all the payments upon completion of the works outlined in the timetable. PLEASE, send your tender bids either by email, mail, or hand delivery to: info@act-africa.org with subject “Tender Supply and installation of water tanks and roof water harvesting works”. In a sealed envelope marked as follows:

CLOSING DATE: 14th February, 2016 – 12:00 noon
Tenders sent after the deadline will not be considered. Acknowledgements will be sent only to applicants who strictly meet the requirements of the Tender and in whom there is further interest.
Courier address to:
Not to be opened by Registry
Bid No.
Attention Procurement Unit
African Conservation Tillage Network,
KALRO-NARL, Waiyaki Way,
Telephone: 020 8076064.

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